Bunny Mask #2 by writer Paul Tobin, artist & colorist Andrea Mutti, and letterer Taylor Esposito, with a cover by Mutti & Colleen Coover, arrives at your local comic shop on July 14th, 2021… but you can get your first look at the second issue today, right here at The Beat!

Arriving on July 14th, 2021… are you scared?

Bunny Mask #2: Secrets From the Cave

Here’s the official description of Bunny Mask #2, which is subtitled “Secrets From the Cave,” from Aftershock Comics:

Life explodes around Tyler Severin as depictions of Bunny Mask begin eerily appearing in his life – even as the strange and deadly creature herself walks the earth once more. Meanwhile, as Tyler’s relationship with Bee accelerates, he begins hearing the voice of the Snitch whispering everyone’s darkest secrets, forcing Tyler to question if Leo Foster, Bee’s crazy father, was truly crazy after all…or simply the tormented holder of secrets no man should ever know.

The second issue will be 32 pages long and has a cover price of $4.99.

According to the credits page, included with the preview pages below, in addition to the main cover by Mutti & Coover, Bunny Mask #2 will also have a “color your own mask” variant from Mutti, in addition to multiple other variants, so keep your eyes peeled for your favorite!

Arriving July 14th

Bunny Mask
Bunny Mask #1 is currently available at your local comic shop!

Did you have a chance to pick up a copy of Bunny Mask #1 at your local comic shop? What do you think of the preview pages for Bunny Mask #2? Will you be picking up the sophomore issue when it arrives at your LCS a week from Wednesday?

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