AHOY Comics has released a preview of Hashtag: Danger #1. The latest addition to the publisher’s line is written by Tom Peyer, with art by Chris Giarrusso. The title follows a series of backup stories that appeared in previous AHOY books High Heaven and Captain Ginger.
Here’s how the publisher describes the series:

Three heroes with three special skills: brains, strength, and unwarranted enthusiasm! Together they vow to confront fantastic perils and monetize them! But will their selfish bickering destroy the team? And why do they spell out “Hashtag?” Follow their needless drama in every issue of HIGH HEAVEN and select issues of CAPTAIN GINGER!

The “Hashtag: Danger” back-up stories were a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to seeing what Peyer and Giarrusso do with a longer format for these characters. Hashtag: Danger will also feature back-up stories by writer Paul Constant, artists Fred Harper and Lee Loughridge, and Rob Steen. The stories center on a stand-up comic named Snelson who’s never made it big. Text pieces by Mark Russell and Gunnar de Winter, accompanied by illustrations by Alan Robinson and Charlie Sam, respectively, close out the issue.
Check out the four-page preview, plus the painted cover by Richard Williams, below. Hashtag: Danger #1 hits store shelves on May 1st.
Hashtag Danger #1 p1
Hashtag Danger #1 p2
Hashtag Danger #1 p3
Hashtag Danger #1 p4
Hashtag Danger #1 Cover


  1. This is not a parody at all. It’s meant to be taken seriously.
    The progressive tropes of strong women (who need social media validation constantly) and weak/inept, petite men is on fully display.
    it’s nice to see chris draw something other than diagrams for once. It’s obvious that he’s trying to emulate the art on classic Archie Comics comics but I don’t think this suppose to be funny.

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