Preview: Ghost #1 by DeConnick, Sebela and Sook

Among the comics on sale tomorrow, Ghost #1, an ongoing continuation of the mini-series from a year ago. The creative team includes writers Kelly Sue DeConnick and Chris Sebela with artist Ryan Sook, so it looks very nice indeed. The first issue has a cover by Terry Dodson and an variant by Paolo Rivera.

Ghost is one of Dark Horse’s signature superhero characters first appearing in the 80s—a pulpy tale about a reporter, Elisa Cameron, who is killed when she gets a little to close to the truth, and then comes back to fight crime. The title came back itself earlier last year with a mini series by DeConnick and Phil Noto, and now it’s a regular thing. The blurb for the first issue is as follows:

Ghost, the hero trapped between two worlds, fights to protect Chicago from extradimensional demons disguised as humans. When a familiar stranger destroys an el train, Ghost makes a deal with a devil for the chance to uncover her own mysterious past. The perfect issue to join this action-packed superhero title.









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