Far Sector, a new Green Lantern comic due out next month on the Young Animal imprint, was one of the highlights for DC Comics at NYCC, mainly because the book’s writer — N.K. Jemisin — basically stole the show at the DC Nation panel (at least until that whole timeline business dropped).

Today, DC Comics has released a preview of Far Sector #1, for the first time publicly showcasing some of the book’s interior art. What, you may wonder, is the deal with this comic? The preview text that we’ll get to in a moment should help, but, in brief, this is a story about a Green Lantern from Earth who has been sent to a fringe area of space, where she finds a world in need of guidance. See, the disparate species there have co-existed for a great while, but problems are beginning to boil up. The book being on the often-experimental imprint Young Animal frees this story up to really go deep into both ethos and hard sci-fi.

If that wasn’t enough, though, the creative team is absolutely stellar. Jemisin is a celebrated prose writer, who is actually the first to ever win three consecutive Hugo awards for best novel. To put into context how big of a deal that is, it would be the equivalent of a director winning the best director Oscar three straight years, necessitating an unprecedented burst of both artistry and efficiency. In fact, at the aforementioned DC Nation panel, DC Co-Publisher Dan DiDio noted that they gave Jemisin a free pass to write whatever kind of comic she wanted to for them. The artist, meanwhile, is Jamal Campbell, who recently concluded a breakout turn drawing the Brian Michael Bendis/David Walker-penned hit comic, Naomi.

Phew, so yeah, there’s a lot to like here. Anyway, preview text is next, followed by interior preview artwork after the jump…and if that wasn’t enough, DC has also shared the variant covers for the book’s first issue, which are the work of Shawn Martinbrough and Jamie McKelvie, along with Campbell’s cover for Far Sector #3. Enjoy!

Welcome to Far Sector!

N.K. Jemisin, the acclaimed, award-winning author of The Broken Earth and Inheritance science fiction trilogies, makes her comic book debut with bestselling Naomi artist Jamal Campbell as they thrust you into Far Sector, a stunning, mind-bending, sci-fi mystery on the other side of the DC universe!

For the past six months, newly chosen Green Lantern Sojourner “Jo” Mullein has been protecting the City Enduring, a massive metropolis of 20 billion people. The city has maintained peace for over 500 years by stripping its citizens of their ability to feel. As a result, violent crime is virtually unheard of, and murder is nonexistent.

But that’s all about to change in this new maxiseries that adds a new chapter to the legacy of the Green Lanterns! DC’s Far Sector #1 will carry an Ages 17+ content descriptor (for mature readers) and will retail for $3.99.

Far Sector #1
Written by N.K. Jemisin
Art by Jamal Campbell
Cover by Jamal Campbell
Variant Covers by Shawn Martinbrough and Jamie McKelvie
In Shops: Nov 13, 2019
Final Orders Due: Oct 21, 2019
SRP: $3.99

Far Sector

Far Sector

Variant cover by Shawn Martinbrough.
Variant cover by Jamie McKelvie.
Far Sector #3 cover by Jamal Campbell.




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