Break out your bell bottoms and laser eyes—Steven Austen is back in Dynamite’s Six Million Dollar Man. Set in the 1970s like the television show on which it’s based, the comic transports readers to a time when one could listen to disco while being fitted with cyborg components. Just when the bionic man needs his robotic side to complete a mission, he’s severely injured and his expensive parts begin failing dramatically.

The new adventure is brought to you by writer Christopher Hastings (The Unbelievable Gwenpool, Secret Agent Deadpool, Adventure Time, I Am Groot) and artist David Hahn (Batman ’66, Bombshells: United).  Roshan Kurichiyanil (colors) and Ariana Maher (letters) round out the creative team. Look out for exciting covers by Michael Walsh, Yasmine Putri, Francesco Francavilla, and Denis Medri. We got a sneak preview at a few of the pages of the upcoming title.


Six Million Dollar Man hits stores this March.