Dynamite is celebrating a decade of publishing the infamous MI6 agent with James Bond 007 #2. Written by Garth Ennis and illustrated by Rapha Lobosco, the cover for the issue is from Dave Johnson.
Check out the synopsis here:

As 007 tracks the trail of destruction left by the deadly compound Stalvoda – and learns more about its origins – he faces another kill squad determined to stop him in his tracks. But as his quarry leads him higher than he’s ever been before, Bond soon discovers that facing gunmen on terra firma is vastly preferable to the freezing hell of outer space!

Illustrated by RAPHA LOBOSCO (James Bond: Black Box) and featuring cover art by DAVE JOHNSON (100 Bullets, Superman: Red Son, Deadpool), part two of “Your Cold, Cold Heart” launches the 10-year celebration of James Bond comics at Dynamite into orbit!
Ahead of the February 21 release of James Bond 007 #2, take a look at some preview pages and the cover below!