After receiving an assignment to steal a dangerous patent, the Angels come face to face with one of their toughest foes tasked with protecting it—The Bionic Woman aka Jaime Sommers. In Charlie’s Angels vs Bionic Woman #2, the Angels must attempt an escape from Naris Corp.’s walled compound, but the Bionic Woman is the facility’s top guard and a one-woman force ready to stop the team from completing their mission. It comes down to teamwork and ingenuity against a human outfitted with superior technology and a fierce determination. Who will win the fight for the secret patent that may change the world at large?

Written by Cameron DeOrdio and drawn by Soo Lee, the Dynamite Comics series picks up right where the television show left off in the ‘80s, bringing together some of most iconic—and toughest—female characters of the era. For issue #2, fans can select covers from Cat Staggs or Jim Mahfood. There are also black and white as well as virgin options.

Charlie’s Angels vs Bionic Woman #2 is available at your favorite local comic shop today. For those who prefer digital, look for the series on platforms such as Comixology, Kindle, iBooks, Google Play, Dynamite Digital, ComicsPlus, and more. You can also check out Dynamite’s website for more info.

Get a glimpse of some preview art below before picking up your copy.

Charlie’s Angels vs Bionic Woman #2 Charlie’s Angels vs Bionic Woman #2 Charlie’s Angels vs Bionic Woman #2 Charlie’s Angels vs Bionic Woman #2


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