Marvel has released some preview pages for October’s AVENGERS: ENDLESS WARTIME, the first original graphic novel from Marvel in many years. Writer Warren Ellis, Marvel eic Axel Alonso and executive editor Tom Brevoort participated in a press call for the project. The book is intended for both new and existing readers and features an Avengers lineup more similar to the one from the film—while adding a new characters like Captain Marvel and Wolverine to the mix, which they may never see in the film universe. The story, Ellis says, was inspired by military drones as a kicking off point. The final book will be designed by Rian Hughes.







  1. The writer, editors and designer are given credit. Who’s penciling this? Who’s inking it? Who’s coloring? Who made these pages we’re previewing?

  2. Thanks for pointing that out! Didn’t mean to come off so ‘turgid’– I was just frustrated that a post previewing artwork would not credit the artists at all.

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