All-New_Doop_1_CoverThe Milligan/Allred run on X-Statix from 2002-2004 is often looked back on as an example of the freewheeling creativity that Marvel had for a brief period before worries about selling characters to the movies forced things to button down. But of late, that quirky streak seems to have returned—perhaps because we live in a world that is eagerly awaiting a Guardians of the Galaxy movie and Rocket Raccoon is soon to be turned into a Disney ride (metaphorically speaking.)

Anyway here’s a look at ALL-NEW DOOP #1 written by Peter Milligan with art by David LaFuente, a cover by Mike Allred and a variant by Adi Granov.

Who is Doop? Actually…what is Doop? Living in the margins of the X-Men, Doop’s origins have always remained shrouded in mystery as he hovered around with his video camera – freaking out readers and fellow X-Men alike. But his time has finally come! Where did Doop come from? What is he? All your questions will be answered! And this adventure will prove once and for all that Doop is, in fact, the most powerful X-Man! From the pages of the blockbuster X-Men crossover Battle of the Atom comes the story you didn’t see! Did you know Doop was an integral part of stopping the evil X-Men from the future? Don’t believe us? You will!


ALL-NEW DOOP  #1 goes on sale April 9th.


All-New_Doop_1_Preview_3 All-New_Doop_1_Preview_2 All-New_Doop_1_Preview_1 All-New_Doop_1_Granov_Variant


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