AWA Studios has released Red Light #1 today, the publisher’s new erotic sci-fi thriller from writer Sarah H. Cho and artist Priscilla Petraites. Miroslav Mrva is on colors and Sal Cipriano is on letters. 

Readers can look for covers from Jeff Dekal and Frank Cho & Sabine Rich. There is also a Chris Ferguson Adult Film Homage and Frank Cho B&W 1:15 Incentive.

Read the synopsis below:

A FUTURISTIC EROTIC THRILLER BEGINS! Get ready for a red-hot futuristic erotic thriller that sits at the intersection of sex and tech by exciting new writer Sarah H. Cho and artist Priscilla Petraites (CHARIOT, HIT ME). 
Lacy is an A.I. sex worker in a futuristic Red Light District. And Lacy knows exactly what her clients want — better than they know it themselves. Housed in a high-tech brothel under the watchful eye of the mysterious Mister, Lacy has little in her manufactured life besides work. All that changes when she befriends Natalie, an orphaned child who comes into her care. Now Lacy and Natalie are on a mission to escape the Red Light District, only to find themselves flung headlong into the mystery behind Lacy’s creation.
Before grabbing the first issue, check out a preview here!