After using the powers of social media to unlock a new trailer, we see the Avengers in a hopeless battle against Ultron! He’s only one robot, what is the problem??? Nice character moments for the Black Widow and Cap, as we see the Avengers facing a host of CGI adversaries, and a ton of CGI building coming crashing down! And I nuanced take on the aqua/orange color scheme of all movies with a more robin’s egg blue and light bisque patina.

Oh who am I kidding…this is freaking awesome.

Marvel, PLEASE make a Damage Control movie! or at least a short.

What is YOUR favorite part of this trailer, readers?


  1. Easily Marvel’s best trailer in years, with better action staging on display than anything else in Phase 2. I’m excited!

  2. I thought it was a bit boring, to be honest. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver (who so far are non-characters looking distressed) your usual cheeky one-liners, a lot of grimacing, some rubble, etc.

    Most exciting parts were Ultron sitting on a chair (ULTRON HAS A THRONE YOU GUYS!!), Black Window’s super dirt-biking and the teaser at the end.

  3. I wish that Agent Carter had pulled in better ratings. Not just because it would mean more Agent Carter, but because it might encourage Marvel to put out an 8-10 episode “Damage Control” miniseries. Because I think that’s where the Damage Control idea might just shine. Or maybe as an 8-10 episode direct-to-Netflix series?

    Oh the trailer – it certainly was an Avengers trailer! Very trailery and very Avengers-y. (I don’t really know what else to say – I’m already at peak “I want to see this movie opening weekend” with the next Avengers movie, so another trailer isn’t going to shift that. Call be back when there’s an awesome Ant-man trailer because right now I’m thinking it’s in “wait for the 2 dollar theater to pick it up” territory for me.)

  4. Of course, the correct answer is: the glimpse of The Vision at the end! It’s all good, but what fun to see one of my favorite characters hit big screen (and the extreme close-up meant I didn’t have to dwell on his new, robot-y costume.) Very chill-worthy!

    There was *one* irritating factor for me — the floating letterbox bands at the top and the bottom of the frame. Very distracting! (I sure hope it wasn’t done on purpose.)

  5. RE: the floating letterbox

    I just watched the trailer on Deadline Hollywood and the edges do not float. Apparently, the version running here hadn’t been properly masked. The correct aspect ratio (shorter in height) masks the ‘floating’ edges of the clips in the trailer.

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