A little birdie in the sky has alerted us to four Angry Birds tie-in books due out in July—and they appear to be space-themed…and include comics. The books are:

Angry Birds Space Sticker Book 100 pages $6.99
Angry Birds Space Baby Comic: Colors 10p $5.99
Angry Birds Space Baby Comic: Superhero 10p $5.99
Angry Birds Space Poster Pack 7p $10.99

Using incredible deductive powers, one would assume that Angry Birds Space is a new spin-off of the world-conquering mobile game. The wheeeeeeeee-BLAM clan has already breached the ozone layer: last summer there was a bonus Space level to mark the final Space Shuttle launch. And a couple of iPads and an Angry Bird plush toy were rocketed up to the International Space Station at the request of a cosmonaut’s daughter. So there are literally already Angry Birds in space.

Angry Birds already has comics tie-ins as well—they’ve released webcomics for a few of their Seasons updates, and last fall Diamond signed a distribution agreement with parent company Rovio. So expect to see these at your local comics shop in summer. And expect to spend hours and hours of precious life you will never get back shooting birds around in zero g game mode.


  1. Now this is something I want.
    See the comic book people should follow how the Angry Birds people did it. No one heard of Angry Birds a few years ago,and now they are bigger and more popular than 90 percent of the comic book industry.
    Why did these creators of Angry Birds succeed while just about everything that the big two have tried to put out in the last twnty years fail?
    Angry Birds to me would be the model and benchmark to look at if I am a creator looking to make it big.

  2. Stam –

    As a comics creator for kids, I am doing just that. I am taking my character, Mr Toast, and creating a Phone App Game for him. After a number of years of self publishing, I decided I would be able to reach more people with a Phone Game.