On April 20th, 2016, DC Comics announced that it was restructuring its struggling Vertigo imprint.  As part of that renovation, the position of Vertigo Vice President & Executive Editor, which longtime editor Shelly Bond held, was eliminated.  The cries came fast fierce following the announcement and led to a number of important conversations which continue today.

This week on Podcorn Podcast, we look back on Shelly’s career at Vertigo.  Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclare share stories from their time working for the imprint.  We explore the reasons why the brand seems to have been struggling.  Finally, we look at what Young Animals, the new imprint led by comics writer and former My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way, might mean for Vertigo’s future.


Show Notes

01:00 — Show begins!  Hometown conversation blitz…

10:00 — Looking back at Shelly Bond’s rise through the ranks of Vertigo and the relationship between Vertigo and DC Comics proper.

17:00 — What does the future of Vertigo, folded into DC Comics, look like?

20:50 — Stories from Brandon and Amy about the ol’ days at Vertigo, when Brandon was editor and Amy was artist on Madame Xanadu

26:40 — “The editors were personalities”

30:45 — What was Shelly like as an editor?

34:10 — Image v Vertigo: Dawn of Creators

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