Well, we’ve made if through TCAF and like the seasoned campaigners they are, Brigid Alverson and Erica Friedman decamped for home before dawn even broke, leaving Deb Aoki and Heidi MacDonald to eat the last croissants and ketchup potato chips and perhaps enjoy an impromptu mimosa with the leftover bottle of rose.

As we wrap things up, Deb and Heidi talk about the books of the show, including My Lesbian Experiences with Loneliness, The Complete Neil the Horse,  Michael DeForge’s Placeholder and Deb’s astounding pile of books that comes up over her knees.

It was a fantastic show, we love TCAF, we love Toronto and we love Chris Butcher and his staff. Most of all, we love comics and YOU. Thanks for listening. 18447651_10158783860590422_1920401217463869259_n.jpg

PS: There may be future episode of Four Women in A Hotel Room at _______. Hit us up if you want this feature to continue.

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