indian head test patternThe Beat has been intermittent these past few days, and our crack team of technical experts are working feverishly to solve the problems, so that you may enjoy the informative, entertaining content that you expect from Heidi, Steve, and me, Torsten, the wrangler of the infinite monkeys.

Do to this service disruption, I will be live-blogging the Super Bowl commercials over at my site:  “Anyways”

Kids, don’t try this at home!  (‘Cause your parents might walk in on you and spoil the fun!)  I’ve done this before… during Super Bowl Exliv.

And here’s a sample of what to expect, from the halftime show:

Who dat playing? / The Who. / Who? / Yes. / Who’s the band? / Yes. / Yes is playing? / No, The Who is. / Who’s the band? / No, Who is the Who. The Band’s not playing tonight. / Then the Who’s playing? / Exactly.

So, please join me over on Blogspot!



  1. And at the same time that Heidi’s site broke and she’s in Angoulême, it’s become known that Bill Watterson has won the grand price of Angoulême.

    Coïncidence? I think not!

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