Speaking of Rick Spears, he has a new book coming out from Image, Pirates of Coney Island, drawn by Vasilos Lolos, and Newsarama has a little preview up, which looks fierce, free-spirited and ready to take no prisoners.
All the issues will have variant covers by Becky Cloonan. There’s also an interview with Spears about the book at Comics Nexus.

Manolis: Are you a fan of the Pirates genre in movies and comics? If yes, are there any particular sources of inspiration for you while creating the Pirates of Coney Island?

Rick Spears: I grew up in Virginia Beach and spent a lot of time on the Outer banks of North Carolina and Pirates including Black beard use to sail those waters. It’s always sparked my imagination. I also love Pirate and sea faring fiction. The Sea Wolf is a particular favourite.

[snip]Manolis: Although these characters call themselves Pirates, they don’t actually even own a ship. Can you explain what are the elements that make this a pirate book even though it’s firmly set on land?

Rick Spears: The Van is their SHIP! They have a super secret hideout in an old military bunker, they live outside the law by their wits. They’re mean, nasty and violent. They are totally Pirates!!