200608240927More guests! More events! More TUMBLERS! It’s almost time for the Baltimore Comic-con, an always fun sojourn down on the Inner Harbor. While we just received an updated list of show exclusives which you can read after the jump, this year’s Baltimore show will be notable for several things:

Kurtzsatinpint-11) It marks the debut of the Harvey Awards at the show. Details on buying tickets for dinner and attending here. Tickets for the awards dinner are $50, but the ceremony itself is open to the public for $10 or free with two day admission to the show.

2) The Diamond retailer summit will take place right after the convention, meaning Sunday will be the best schmoozing day in comics, as people arrive and just hang around.

3) People hoping to attend last minute may be in for a rude shock. With the Yankees in town, the availability of hotel rooms makes San Diego look like Vegas, with hotels in the Inner Harbor going for $350 a night or else completely sold out. Rooms are still available at the airport, luckily. Damn Yankees!

Those who do manage to get down to the show will find one of the nicest convention experiences of the year, a clean, friendly, well-run show that offers plenty of time to get autographs, visit with friends or hang out at one of Baltimore’s many fine restaurants. You can see the guest list here.

The Baltimore Comic-Con has announced an array of show exclusives, official debuts, and additional guests in preparation for the September 9-10 show at the Baltimore Convention Center.

The Lone Ranger #1 Baltimore Comic-Con Exclusive Cover This Lone Ranger #1 cover created by Astonishing X-Men and Planetary artist and regular Lone Ranger series cover artist John Cassaday will exclusively be offered at the Baltimore Comic-Con. Cassaday will also be attending his first Baltimore Comic-Con this year.

New Avengers #23 Baltimore/Toronto Exclusive Sketch Cover In addition to the exclusive variant Lone Ranger comic, the Baltimore Comic-Con is offering a New Avengers #23 sketch cover variant in conjunction with The Canadian National Book Expo. Both the cover and interiors of that issue are by artist Olivier Coipel, who will appear at both shows.

ACTOR Comics Presents Baltimore Comic-Con Exclusive Cover ACTOR (A Commitment To Our Roots) will offer a Baltimore Comic-Con exclusive John Romita, Jr. variant cover edition of ACTOR Comics Presents. The 152-page anthology includes stories by Stan Lee and Joseph Michael Linsner, Mark Waid, Paul Dini, Dave Sim, Dan Jurgens and many others. Cover artist John Romita, Jr. and guests Mark Waid , Mike Oeming, Brendon and Brian Fraim, and J.C. Vaughn, among others, will be available to sign this benefit fundraiser. The standard edition of Actor Comics Presents will also debut at the show.

In addition to hosting Romita, Jr. (The Eternals), ACTOR is sponsoring the appearances of Marvel Comics legends Dick Ayers (Fantastic Four) and John Romita, Sr. (Amazing Spider-Man) at the show.

Toon Tumblers Baltimore Comic-Con Exclusive Paul Merolle at Toon Tumblers has announced that there is going to be another show exclusive Toon Tumbler design, but at press time the character was not confirmed.

Gemstone Debuts Life & Times Companion Debut Following on the success of the highly praised Life & Times of Scrooge McDuck, Gemstone Publishing will debut The Life & Times of Scrooge McDuck Companion by Don Rosa. Exploring more of the grand old duck’s life, this book includes one chapter not previously published in the United States. Rosa will be on hand to sign copies of both books and his other works.

Harvey Awards This year, the Baltimore Comic-Con plays host for the first time to the Harvey Awards, which will be held Saturday night, September 9. Kyle Baker (Why I Hate Saturn, Plasticman) will act as master of ceremonies for the event, which will be held at the Baltimore Marriott Inner Harbor. For additional information about the awards program, please visit HYPERLINK “http://scoop.diamondgalleries.com/www.harveyawards.org” www.harveyawards.org.

Harvey Awards Exclusives Toon Tumblers will also be providing an exclusive piece for attendees at the Harvey Awards Toon Dinner. They’ve created one of their glasses based on Harvey Kurtzman’s Hey Look.


  1. With both the Harveys and the retailer summit there, Baltimore is absolutely one of the biggest comics events of the year. Besides just being the great show it’s been for the past few years that I’ve been there. It’s basically everything a show should be.

    That sucks that you’re staying way out by the airport. My brother lives within walking distance, so I’ll be staying there and paying about $10 for parking instead of the $20-$25 I’ve seen near the event. His parking garage is off Charles St. near and it is open to the public, if anyone’s interested. Not the shortest of walks to the convention center, but definitely do-able.

    Great guest list this year, too.

  2. There’s a lot of affordable hotels within range if you’ve got a car or know someone with one…

    I hear there’s a fun cookout on Saturday night, too… ;)

  3. I want to warn those who see on their website saying they will have ANime and Manga. They usually don’t have those at the con and I don’t think they will this year unless I see something different on their exhibitor lists. Also, all of the videos exhibitors are bootleggers. That copy of a complete season of Lois and Clark will most likely be a bootleg.

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