The Engine has a super cool thread where artists post covers they’re working on, and we’re stealing them! Here are two covers for PIRATES OF CONEY ISLAND, a book due from Image next fall written by Rick (TEENAGERS FROM MARS) Spears, and drawn by super-talented newcomer Vasilos Lolos. The first cover is by Lolos, the second is an alternate cover by Becky Cloonan.

According to Previews:

Rick Spears, writer of the indie hit Teenagers From Mars, and hot international artist Vasilis Lolos rock this riotous, teenage romp through young love, car jacking and gang violence.

In this first issue Patch arrives in Coney Island only to get his eye sliced out by Trish, the wicked bad leader of the girl gang The Cherries. Across town, Sal, A pizza-selling bookie, meets a nasty end delivered by a monstorous shadow with a shotgun. All the fun begins here in the first super-rad issue of THE PIRATES OF CONEY ISLAND!

Pirates! Coney Island! Surely, when you are tired of this, you are tired of life. (Click for larger images)
Poci2 Vasilis



  1. I think more comics should be set in Coney Island. It’s one of the more visually captivating venues in all of New York City (yes non-NY’ers, as a boro Brooklyn is officially part of NYC), and can inspire equal amounts of joy and melancholy depending on which time of year you choose to stroll down the boardwalk or Surf Avenue.

  2. i love the artwork, i saw issue #2 sitting on the staff recomendations shelf at the local comic shop and fell in love, i now have #3 and 4 and am working on getting the first one today:)

  3. OMG i love this comic, i got in at issue 2, it was in a bargain grab bag for £1 with four others lol, lucky me, i have read issue 2 about 15 times allready , i want the others, if anyone has them and will sell them please contact me, [email protected], why is these two issues orange, mine is green…any relevence???

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