Over at Comic Foundry Tim snaps a shot of a middle-aged woman reading a Virgin comic on the subway.

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This may be a short-lived phenomena, however, as everyone knows that in NYC old ladies take the bus.


  1. This woman is only middle-aged. I’m middle-aged, and I read comics everywhere. And when I worked at a public library, I usually had a stack of them on the reference desk. Try attending an American Library Association conference, you’ll find lots of librarians of all ages who not only read comics but stock them at their libraries.

  2. Kat, I know the idea that women over 25 don’t read comcis is a misnomer, but I think if you asked the average online comics fan they would guess this group had the LOWEST interest of comics of any.

  3. I think she is reading the Virgin Comics preview – the same preview I got at the comic store last week. I think I saw her at Forbidden Planet!

  4. I frequently cart around GNs and trades (and the occasional manga) with me to read and frequently get strange looks. I have the same silver hair thing going (okay, GRAY. Fine. Whatever) except I have a lovely dark purple streak, too.

    A couple of months ago, I was reading on the MAX, and a guy across the aisle from me frowned and said “Is that… is that ULTIMATES you’re reading?” (It was actually the Ellis/Hitch THE AUTHORITY, so he was close.) I think he was horror-struck. I asked him if he’d read it, he said no, and I offered to summarize it for him, and he refused my offer. Alas….

    Pllllbtttthhh, I say.