Artist Sara Pichelli won Best Artist and Best Newcomer awards at last night’s Stan Lee Awards, which are presented at the Kapow! to recognize achievements in superhero comics or something. Pichelli was on hand to accept her awards, as you can see, which is a good thing because originally there were no women in comics to go to the show. Luckily, some were found.

Scott Snyder and Batman pretty much cleaned up the other awards.

Winners via AICN.

Best Writer
• Scott Snyder

Best Artist
• Sara Pichelli

Best Series
• Detective Comics

Best Superhero or SciFi Movie
• X-Men: First Class

Best Trade
• The Walking Dead Vol 14: No Way Out

Best Limited Series or Story Arc
• The Dark Angel Saga

Best Comic Hero
• Batman
Best Newcomer
• Sara Pichelli

Best Publisher
• DC

Best TV Show
• Game of Thrones

Best Game or Toy
• Batman Arkham City

Man or Woman of the Year
• Scott Snyder


  1. “which are presented at the KAPOW to recognize achievements in superhero comics or something.”

    If you can’t be bothered to find out or to keep the snark to yourself, why bother with it at all? If you’re so against super-hero comics and what they stand for why all the coverage of super-hero comics, their publishers and everything surrounding them?

  2. I think it’s funny that people find the need to defend superhero comics in the comments here. It’s like everyone stepping up to protect Goliath from little David with a blog…although considering the outcome of that story, maybe they are right to worry. I, for one, will be cheering when Goliath goes down!

  3. Y’see it’s news pieces like this (and the ‘annoyed’ comments that follow) that reminds me why The Beat is always my primary ‘go to’ site for comic book news. Long may you continue. ;)

  4. Okay, the Beat, you got it, I won’t come back here anymore. I don’t know where I’ll go for shoddy reporting, an editor in chief who claims to never have any time yet manages to have a site mostly devoid of content, and all my Jimmy Palmiotti news.

  5. Umm, M and Z, I think you missed the point here: it’s not about reporting “news” like you’d get from a journalist…this is the “there are no women in comics anywhere and here’s more proof!!” story d’jour. And to link to another story that leads off with the ever-entertaining (and offensive) “sausage fest” line that refers to any gathering that features predominately male creators. STILL would like to see the reaction to a blog entry that referred to a gathering featuring a majority of female creators as something similarly offensive, say, a “tuna fest.” Have the odd feeling most every female penned blog would react with (just) anger…if they could stop chuckling at “sausage fest” of course. Funny how that works…


  6. Snark is always appreciated, and I mean that in the least snarky way possible.

    Damn, re-reading that, it just sounds snarky.

  7. Mark Millar explains the award.

    However, the Kapow! site itself doesn’t really explain what the award is, or exactly how it’s determined, or the rules. But that seems to be SOP for comic book awards.

    Regarding “sausage fest” and a female equivalent… How about “Doll (tea) party”, like the one seen in “Toy Story”? “Mrs. Nesbit” would be the term applied to any male attending such an event.

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