The Phoenix Weekly is a UK comics magazine for kids—somewhat in the tradition of the ancient Beano and the departed Dandy—but a little more up to date. All of these venerable kids brands have gone kidgital, but the Phoeniz now has a snappy new iPad app, designed by the Panel Nine crew. It’s onsale now — a special deal for a six- month sub for £9.99 runs out at midnight tonight so hurry over to check it out.

Comics in the Phoenix include Daniel Hartwell and Neill Cameron’s Pirates of Pangaea, Mike Cavallaro’s Nico Bravo, James Turner’s Star Cat and many more. Chris Sims described some of his faves here.

If you’re a parent, getting good quality material for your digital babysitter, aka iPad, is always a priority, and the six month sub deal for the Phoenix is worth checking out.


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