Hellblazer has been one of the more understated titles of the DC Rebirth lineup, but its beauty has never been in doubt. Over the course of the series’ first arc, writer Simon Oliver and artist Moritat have crafted a moving story that takes Constantine back to his London roots dealing with a new enemy who has been threatening people from his past and ultimately, threatens the world itself.  As the series leaves “The Poison Truth” storyline behind though, DC announced today that Moritat will be leaving the title as well.

The new Hellblazer artist will be Philip Tan for “The Smokeless Fire,” which sees our favorite grumpy magician travel to Paris in search of clues that will allow him and the psychic Mercury to figure out who the nefarious Djinn are and what goals they have.

In the press release, Oliver said to “strap yourself in and be prepared to be excited, thrilled and all-around awed by Tan’s work.”

Check out some special preview pages from Hellblazer #7 featuring Philip Tan’s art below.  That issue comes out on February 22nd, 2017. Hellblazer #6, Moritat’s final issue, hits store shelves on November 23rd, 2016.



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