Peter David reports on last night’s midnight event for DARK TOWER and says it went well. Us? We’re just shocked that over a hundred people would go out in 10 degree weather to buy a comic book.

Just got back from the midnight opening at Midtown Comics for the first issue of the Dark Tower series. It was a little odd to be taking the Long Island Railroad into the city and be reading the “New York Daily News” and suddenly my name leaped out at me from the “Tuesday in New York” column. Yes, granted, I was described as being one of the artists on the book (along with Jae Lee) but, hey, at least they spelled my name right.

I got nervous as I approached the store because, looking up from street level at its second store location, I couldn’t see anyone in the windows. I thought, “Geez, nobody’s here.” But the angle was deceptive; the place was packed. At least over a hundred people there, plus an assortment of on-line video folks conducting interviews and such.

Signed a whole buncha books and everyone seemed stoked to read it. Couldn’t have been happier with the way everything went.

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  1. It was snowing here in DC and with wind chill it felt like negative 5 degrees. I wanted badly to check out the local midnight release, but I just couldn’t summon the courage to go out in the bad weather.

  2. I was in the city on business and staying at a hotel in midtown (on 40th, between 5th and 6th) and I almost ventured out to the signing. Not so much for the Dark Tower (which I’m pretty sure I won’t ever read or buy) but so I could go to a comic shop while in New York; I hadn’t had time otherwise.

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