There was a scary time when the URL seemed to have lapsed, but Nick Gurewitch’s iconic The Perry Bible Fellowship website is back up and running and even has a new strip! And there was great rejoicing.

[Via Comics Alliance]


  1. Yay! PBF is my favorite webcomic, so it’s always gfreat to see new strips.

    Torsten, the punchline is that manking is like a sexually transmitted disease. The last panel shows a couple of astronauts on the moon, with one of them holding an American flag (I think).

  2. Thanks for the clarification. I couldn’t decipher it straight away either.

    I’m realliy stoked to see PBF back. I felt that by the end of the previous run, the punchlines had become a bit repetitive, but I’m sure that the time off has helped Nick to come back to it with a fresh perspective. Kudos to him, looking forward to more strips!