Comics vet Robert V Conte writes to tell us about a unique course for young NYC area comics creators that offers $22,500 in scholarships. Details and how to apply below. Deadline is March 28th. The scholarships are as follows:

First Place — $10,000.00
Second Place — $5,000.00
Third Place — $2,500.00
Best of Borough – $1,000.00 each for selected stories in Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island, NY.

Sounds like a great opportunity — details on how to apply are below.

Dear Educators:

My name is Robert V. Conte and I represent Penguin Random House Foundation’s “GRAPHIC NOVELS NOW!” workshops.  I am a thirty-year veteran in this field and have had the honor of contributing my writing and editing talents to dozens of original stories and licensed properties including Godzilla, James Bond 007, KISS, and Star Wars! 

Being published for the first time at 19-years-old, I believe in discovering young talent so they, as I once did, may tap into their creative energy and realize their ambitions to be a graphic novel creator!

Penguin Random House’s “GRAPHIC NOVELS NOW!” workshops opens the minds of your students to enjoy artistic and creative expression, while encouraging them to submit a story where they may earn up to $22,500.00 in scholarship awards!

The “GRAPHIC NOVELS NOW!” workshop is one period long and requires the attendance of interested seniors and the teacher.  From now through the extended deadline of Monday, March 28, I will personally share my published work with students and introduce them to the basics of sequential storytelling to inspire them to create their own stories! 

As an incentive to teachers who support this creative writing project — and provide the much needed enthusiasm and confidence many kids need to trust their own voice to write and/or draw from their hearts —  Penguin Random House offers your class a complimentary set of its graphic novels! 

To apply, please complete the attached form and e-mail it to me at [email protected]

Your students may download the Application and a PDF of last year’s winning entries using these links:


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