Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur is positioned to become a cult hit in the All-New All-Different Marvel universe.  A progressive title in the vein of Ms. Marvel, the series had a solid start when it launched in November.  A new issue is out this week, and the Final Order Cutoff for issue #3 is today.  For those not in the biz, FOC deadlines are the last days comic shops can adjust their order numbers for books before they head out to the printers.

In anticipation of the deadline, series co-writer Brandon Montclare provided a look at how the sausage is made on his blog today.  He asks interested fans who may not yet have expressed interest in issue #3 to their local comic book stores to do so and express their faith in Lunella Lafayette’s adventure.

Oh, and he showed off this Paul Pope variant cover to issue #3:

Disclaimer: I work with Brandon on a weekly podcast.  I don’t want to pull a fast one on anyone– I just have a lot of love for this series and felt that this cover was too cool not to share. Cue the disclosure discussion!


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