As you probably know by now Paul Pope has a blog. And it is not “I just finished the layouts for the new issue and then I ate a hotdog” type stuff:

In one of his very few published interviews, Picasso calls his pictures “a sum of destructions”. Even from decades beyond the grave, this prolific painter-sculptor-printmaker telegraphs to us the startling, singular image of artist-as-destroyer. Every cheerful demolitionist, loving his job, knows that in order to create you must first create space. It’s only logical. You must remove what was there before– you must destroy it– you must destroy the blankness of the white canvas or the white page as the demolitionist destroys the old building or carpark, consume it with colors and lines and forms as the cheerful demolitionist consumes his with dynamite, nitro, and implosion-physics. You must swallow the thing with work in order to build something new in its place. Picasso’s destructions led to Cubism.

You go, boy!