Sneakily, Marvel have revealed that their ‘Snikt’ promotional piece actually refers to a Wolverine comic! Yes, this is the news that the creative team of Paul Cornell and Alan Davis will indeed be bringing us a new, ongoing Wolverine series, to replace the departing series this year. This will be the ‘flagship’ title, with Frank Cho’s ‘Savage Wolverine’ more of a self-contained side-piece.

In his interview with iFanboy, Cornell repeatedly calls his protagonist ‘James’ rather than Logan or Wolverine, which is exactly what I would expect from Paul Cornell. He describes the opening storyline – which sounds far more laid back and small-scale than any other Marvel Now title – as such:

James is caught up in a hostage situation, which involves a threat to innocents from a very disciplined, ruthless new character, the nature of which we’re only gradually going to reveal. That turns into an action movie chase, where James is highly motivated to stop having to repeat something not very nice he had to do in front of one of said innocents. James is at his best when he’s protecting others.

No giant end of the world, or ‘it all changes here!’ Just a story about a character. It really is interesting that Cornell’s focus here is squarely on Wolverine, rather than a big villain, crazy set-piece, or familiar face in the supporting cast. In fact, this sounds less like the current, somewhat ruined Wolverine of recent months, and more like a return to Chris Claremont’s quiet, honourable warrior. Promising.


  1. Will Wolverine get a 3rd ongoing? That’d make the most sense. Maybe he could join the Fantastic Four and marry Sue.

  2. Oh, look. It’s a Wolverine #1, must be a day ending in the letter y.

    (Okay, nevertheless, I’ll be buying it.)

  3. Wolverine & The X-Men
    Wolverine MAX
    Savage Wolverine
    and now this.
    I love this creative team, but I’m sorry, no, I just can’t.

  4. The artwork in last week’s Wolverine & the X-men was HORRIBLE.

    It should be recalled and refund the purchased price.

  5. I love AD’s artwork so I’m picking up the first issue at least. But Wolverine’s been a joke for quite a while now… :-(

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