Tumblr mve6yo1jvi1rs9b0jo1 500Via Tumblr a photo of a young Kurt Cobain drawing, and apparently he was about to use an issue of Werewolf by Night co-starring Michael Morbius, the Living Vampire, as reference.

The road not taken, folks. Had Young Cobain pursued his artistic talents instead of his musical ones we might have some mediocre horror comics and he might have lived instead of taking his own life nearly 20 years ago. But we would have missed out on In Utero, so…


  1. I suppose it’s possible comic artist Cobain may not have committed suicide. It’s also likely he wouldn’t have killed himself if the people around him would have just shut up and let him take his heroin. His suicide was largely spawned by the months of forced sobriety he was on, and his decision that he wouldn’t be happy sober. That’s one of the reasons why he gave himself a last shot before he ended himself – he hadn’t used in a while, and was just sick of it.

    His friends & business people should have just let him live the Lou Reed life. Would Lou Reed have had any life or career if he would have been talked into rehab after the 2nd Velvets record?

    It sounds terrible, but the brilliance of Cobain’s work gave him the RIGHT to abuse heroin, if he was coming up with shit that good. Same goes for Reed, William Burroughs, Hunter S. Thompson, etc. Hunter is a perfect example: If he had been suckered into giving up his wicked ways near the start of his career, he likely would have killed himself. At a minimum, he definitely wouldn’t have written anything he is known for, post-“Hells Angels.” He would have been that unhappy.

  2. I’ve just reada short article about his house in Seattle and I’m surprised that it was sold so cheap – I mean in comparison with other celebrity estates. It’s the house in Seattle where he killed himself.

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