In celebration of Asterix’s 60th Anniversary (and still going strong!), independent publisher Papercutz has announced that they will be taking over the U.S. publishing of the comic series. And as a person who grew up with Asterix comics, let me tell you — this is some news that can’t go unsaid!

Wait. You don’t know who Asterix is? Well then this announcement might be just for you.
Asterix is the main character in a village of Gauls who managed to never being conquered by the occupation of the Roman Army. One of the main reasons their holdout has been so successful against the Roman forces has been a secret potion that the village druid  — who goes by the name Paranormix — knows how to concoct, and makes all of the villagers super powerful! Well. Mostly. (For a little while at the very least.)

But even with the history portion of the fun aside, the series has acted as a vehicle for satire on politics and the state of humanity while never compromising on slapstick humor, historical fun, delightfully clever name puns, and sharp-tongued topical criticism. It’s all of these elements combined that have made the perfect potion to enrapture children (and their parents) for over half a century.
Since his first appearance in 1959, Asterix the Gaul has acted as a wonder to everyone in both the UK and Europe, which is undoubtedly owed to its creators, René Goscinny and  Albert Uderzo. Whether in battles against their eternal Roman enemies, the magic potions of the Druids, or the famous quarrels between colorful characters, the Gauls have conquered schoolyards, museums and libraries around the world.

“I am delighted to collaborate with Papercutz, a fantastic and clever comics publisher, to have for the first time ever the full Asterix collection released on the US market in a specific American edition,” said Céleste Surugue, Managing Director of Les Éditions Albert René, the rights holders. “Having this universe widely available to the US readers is a major event for one of the most famous and fun comic characters. The 2 creators have been huge fans of American comic artists; from Milton Caniff to Harvey Kurtzman or Floyd Gottfredson, who inspired their art very much. The Asterix albums have been published in 111 languages and dialects until now and have sold in excess of 380 million copies. It was high time to have the American translation Asterix deserves. We are really looking forward to having the full series including the latest volume, The Chieftain’s Daughter, available in a brand-new American edition!”

“Papercutz is thrilled for this opportunity to bring the world’s bestselling series to America with a true push here for the first time,” added Papercutz Publisher Terry Nantier in their press statement. ”And the all-new more American translations, as well as our redesign of the books (new covers and new format)  will make this series relevant to our American audience. After 60 years, the little Gaul Asterix is an ongoing mighty hit in most countries and languages and thus has proven himself to cross borders very successfully, and we say watch out America, we’re letting loose Asterix and his magic potion of power!”

Papercutz will release Asterix Omnibus Volumes 1 and 2 in full color hardcover (and paperback), as well as Asterix Volume 38: The Chieftain’s Daughter, on May 19th, 2020.


  1. “Paranormix”? Was the UK translation’s “Getafix” considered too tasteless a pun for American children?

  2. The short answer is “yes”. American audiences tend to be overly-precious about that sort of thing. It’s a shame though because Getafix is SUCH a great joke!

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