With the exponential rise in comics shows, and a corresponding rise in attendees, there’s been a lot of talk recently about various pros imposing signing limits or charging for autographs at show, with the money often going to a charity. Popular con guests Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner have just made their policy clear:

FROM NOW ON: AT CONS: Amanda and I will be signing up to 5 books for FREE. After that it is $2 a book. The money going to the charity of our choice and all cgc or graded books are $5 each. No exceptions. Want to give a heads up to our Ebay friends. We both agree that part of the fun of the con is getting to meet you, so 5 free books and a wonderful conversation while with us is a good deal, no?

ADDED: We will sign as many books, prints and sketchbooks you buy from us, no limit.

We’ve all seen the guy with the comics box full of books that they lug to a signing, removing each and everyone from its plastic bag and back board while a long line forms. I know some creators have imposed a limit on how many they will sign, or put in a tip jar. I’ve also seen the guy with the 200 comics to be signed just get back in line after the limit is hit and keep doing it over and over again. With these signed books often ending up on eBay, it does seem against the spirit of meeting and greeting that conventions foster to stand there with dozens and dozens of books to sign.

I’m been hearing rumbles that there much discussion among guests about starting to charge for con appearances — and not just hotel and air fare, but actual appearance fees. It’s pretty much a sellers market out there with hundreds and hundreds of comics events taking place around the world, and as we’ve shown again and again, making comics isn’t the most lucrative gig in the world.

The comics economy and the con economy have seen a lot more money flowing through the pipeline, and tapping a bit of that for a charity when a huge pile of books is offered to be signed seems more than reasonable.

Expect to hear more about this all year.


  1. Sounds like they are trying to limit the economy like Bernie Sanders….smh…even comics aren’t safe from socialism.

  2. This is a subject that has been on my mind for a while. I’ll likely be blogging about it soon, probably before my first (of many) convention appearances this year.

  3. I think this is absolutely fair. Have been trapped behind a lot of people (sellers?) in lines who have stacks of comics for signing. This is obnoxious from a fan’s perspective because it causes the line to slow down. I would also think that it’s not good for the artists. I feel sorry for their hands sometimes for having to sign so many autographs.

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  5. What is most important to us is that we get to meet and talk to every single fan that came there to see us, and Amanda and I really love this part of the job. The limit is to help this along and to raise money for Hero and Animal shelters. Anyone that has ever come to our table knows how important it is for us to all have a great experience together.

  6. I love both Amanda and Jimmy. Good people!! I don’t mind dropping $2 for a book to be signed. It’s not like they are trying to be greedy like Neal Adams $30 a signature. It’s all for charity. I think this is a great idea and hope more artist and writers adopt this concept.

  7. It’s fair. Seriously, you get an autograph to basically have a souvenir of meeting the creator. Sometimes you want it on a book because that is one of your favorites or it is significant to you. Maybe a few books, even. But a four issue miniseries and a single book should be enough for just about anyone. After that you ought to feel guilty about monopolizing the time and making an ass of yourself in front of the professional you came to meet in the first place.

  8. OK, one thing not really clear to me is that it states that first 5 are free but it also states all graded books are $5…. soooo…..no free signing on graded books?

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