On his Facebook fan page, legendary G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero scribe Larry Hama posted a photo of some loose G.I. Joe action figures, saying he recently discovered them in his attic. 

If there is one person on Earth that comic fans identify with G.I. Joe, it’s Larry Hama. He has written G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero since it’s debut in 1982, back when it was published by Marvel Comics. He has continued the continuity and numbering of the series since then, most recently at IDW Publishing and now as of late last year at Image/Skybound. In fact, when Robert Kirkman launched a new shared universe with Transformers and G.I. Joes, he also went out of his way to bring along Hama, leaving his ongoing story intact. 

Anyway, this week fans were quick to help him identify the figures. Hama admitted that while he had probably written the file cards for these Joes and Cobras, he didn’t remember who they were. But thanks to some helpful fans, he was able to identify Kwinn’s son Ghost Bear, Guillotine V.1, and a Kreo version of Tunnel Rat. 

Most exciting for collectors, Mr. Hama soon posted the figures to eBay, where fans have been competing to own some of Larry Hama’s personal G.I. Joe collection. With less a day to go in the auction, at the time of this writing, 45 bids have been cast. The auction currently stands at $445. If owning Larry Hama’s G.I. Joes is on your bucket list, you have until Tuesday, 4/2 to be the top bidder.