Just like Alexander posited a few days ago, it turns out that Channing Tatum was indeed undergoing a bit of public negotiating regarding his upcoming role in the X-Men spin-off, Gambit.

Today, THR reports that the Magic Mike star has signed on the dotted line to play the kinetic card-wielding Cajun mutant.

According to their sources, Tatum and Fox did hit a bit of a sensitive spot in negotiations, reportedly involving back-end compensation (the kind of stuff that made Robert Downey, Jr. an even wealthier man), and just how involved the character will be in the X-Universe.

Gambit, much like Deadpool, represents the studio’s aim at filling the void that Hugh Jackman will leave once he exits the Wolverine role after his next solo feature in 2017.

Fox will have a very interesting next few months on their hands as they unveil their future plans in this area, especially with the upcoming Fantastic Four (their newest attempt to broaden their superhero cinematic universe) releasing next weekend. And yes, I’ve seen it. I can’t say anything about it until next week, but you can expect a review late Thursday night.


  1. Haven’t seen Magic Mike deliver one line worth a damn. Gambit will bomb, mark my words. Fox would be better off with someone else. Tatum does not equal Jackman. Deadpool is interesting because it really is striving for something new and different. Gambit gets a big yawn from me

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