And while this little bit of make believe is a flight of fancy, it’s probably not that far from the truth. And so, Oscar Isaac, having finally escaped the shackles of the new Star Wars trilogy, is off to other pastures, this time starring in and producing an adaptation of the Brian K. Vaughan/Tony Harris Wildstorm series: Ex Machina.

Early 2000’s Wildstorm is one of those great comic book blindspots for me, so I’ll let THR, who got the exclusive on the announcement, explain the premise:

The comic, which Vaughan made with artist Tony Harris, debuted in 2004, running for 50 issues under DC Comics imprint Wildstorm. It centered on Mitchell Hundred, a former superhero who becomes the mayor of New York City after 9/11. Hundred had the power to talk to mechanical devices but the comic was concerned less about superheroics than issues of government and political leadership.

Isaac is, of course, playing Mitchell Hundred in the film which is now titled The Great Machine to, as alluded above, not confuse audience members who just saw (the wonderful, but also Isaac-starring) Ex Machina only a few years ago.

Vaughan, probably the most critically acclaimed comics creator of the last 10 years, is starting to see a number of his co-created works get adapted under this new deal he signed with Legendary for film and television production. Paper Girls (created w/ Cliff Chiang) is headed to Amazon in the near future, and Y: The Last Man (created w/ Pia Guerra) is well on its way to finally coming to life on FX after a false start last year. And of course, there’s always Runaways (created w/ Adrian Alphona), which while Marvel based, just ended its run last month after three seasons.

Could his and Fiona StaplesSaga be next? It’s not totally outside the realm of possibility at this rate!

Of course this won’t be the only big sci-fi saga starring Isaac that’s in production, as the Denis Villeneuve adaptation of Dune is just around the corner as well.

More to come! Anyway, to celebrate, here’s Isaac dancing in Ex Machina:

Ex Machina