Orphan Age #1Orphan Age #1, a new comic from writer Ted Anderson and artist Nuno Plati, has sold out. As a result, the book will soon get a second printing with a new cover.
Orphan Age, published by AfterShock Comics earlier this month, tells the story of a world where all the adults have died. It’s set 20 years after a mysterious catastrophe claimed their lives, with the children who witnessed it now grown. That’s the concept. The plot involves a stranger coming to town and an angry church that is powerful and misguided.  When AfterShock first announced the book, it was billed as a post-apocalyptic western.
The new cover, pictured above, is the work of series artist Plati. This marks the second recent sellout for AfterShock Comics, following Dark Red earlier this year. The publisher is currently in the midst of a push to launch its 100th title in the next two years. This has come with increased marketing, as well as a campaign to collaborate with retailers nationwide.
In the coming weeks, AfterShock has several new titles launching, including Descendent, The Replacer, Killer Grove, Knights Temporal, and another Shock anthology.


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