200902170244The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood has released a list of the worst toys, and Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Barbie topped it. (Looking at the list, we agree, a stationary tricycle for tots is pretty low, but Lego Batman? Come on now!) Anyway, Cheerleaders Barbie was singled out for reinforcing every negative role model for girls in one handy package.

Rated by Mattel as appropriate for children age six and up, the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Doll comes with the shortest of short shorts, stiletto boots, and a revealing halter top. The preposterously skimpy outfit allows children to get a better view of Barbie’s impossibly long legs and dangerously thin body.

“When you combine two classic symbols of gendered stereotypes – the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader and Barbie – you get one terrible toy,” said CCFC Steering Committee member Joe Kelly, of www.dadsanddaughters.com. “Do we really want to teach our young daughters that they belong on the sidelines, not in the game, and the way to get noticed is show a lot of skin?”

This toy also has the new proportions that girl toys seem to like — anorexic AND 7 feet tall, taking “willowy” to a new level. It must be all the growth hormone in the milk.


  1. Checking online indicates that the doll is actually named “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Barbie.”


  2. I wonder if this was part of their collectible line… and at least they diversified the figures! (Blond, brunette, African-American… all with the same bodies.) (And I’m still searching for the “Oreo Fun Barbie” doll, which can be seen on the Barbie Wikipedia page.)

    And, yes, Lego Batman is deserved. Instead of kids building playsets and engaging in creative play (LEGO’s DNA), a kid sits in front of a television and plays a video game.

  3. So I’m thinking Dallas Cowboy Barbie is marketed for adult collectors rather than children. I think that would excuse it from this list. The TOADYs seem to be quite lazy, going for an obvious target rather than looking for toys that might actually be detrimental to children. I mean … geez … its not like kids aren’t getting inundated with Hannah Montana and High School Musical crap these days.

    I have a feeling the TOADYs got caught unaware when the Bratz dolls were given a cease-and-desist.

  4. Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood is the most evil, insidious organization since Action for Children’s Television closed it’s doors after completing its mission of destroying children’s programming on network TV.