Dear lord, the internets have been busy! Many comings and goings and teaming ups.

§ The Savage Critic old order doth change, as Tucker Stone, Sean T. Collins, Dick Hyacinth, David Uzumeri and Chris Eckert join the crew. But who will be team leader?

§ Speaking of blogging, we didn’t know TangognaT was back!

§ In other blogospheric rumblings, Peter Milligan has joined Standard Attrition. He has yet to post, however, so we’re standing by.

§ Over at Blog@ Top Cow’s Filip Sablik has some reminders for polite message board discourse:

So what’s the point of this rant? I’d ask you to think the next time you go to post that angry, ill conceived post on Newsarama or your favorite message board. Take a moment to see if you can inject a little bit of civility and respect into your commentary. Because what took you 15-30 minutes to read and 1 minute to comment on, took an entire team of people months of blood, sweat, and tears to create. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you shouldn’t critique books you don’t like (although if you haven’t read a title for 10 years, you probably should keep silent), but I am suggesting you express your critique in a constructive, respectful way. Think about it, you wouldn’t want me coming into your place of work and telling you that you’re doing your job poorly. Unless you are my local Starbucks barista, in which case I will let you know when my Grande Low Fat, No Sugar, two pump Cinnamon Dolce Latte isn’t up to snuff.

We have to admit that this is a pet peeve of ours as well — not that many comics that are produced aren’t crummy, but the glee with which message board regulars love to jump on their favorite pro whipping boys is tedious and uninformed. Newsarama co-honcho Matt Brady jumps into the comments with his own observation:

And further – the people who are chronically negative are funny and sad. There are two ones right now peppering the board with their keen insight of how everything – *everything* is bad. You can find them easily enough, and clicking on their name shows their posts. With these guys it’s just amazing – there’s not one thing they like that they post about. For the 30 or so posts you can dig through, every last one of them is negative about the subject of the story, the creator, another poster, the site, the article…something.

It just makes you shake your head and wonder what’s missing in their lives that they’ve filed it with this all-encompassing negativity and need to be critical. Also makes you feel sorry for real people in their lives, as I’m quite sure those feelings and probably comments don’t end with typing them out on the internet.

§ Ryan Alexander-Tanner talks about his comics collaboration with William Ayers, a project that should draw no attention from the outside world whatsoever, right?

§ And speaking of controversy, here’s Chip Zdarsky’s essay on I (HEART COMICS) that was rejected by Robot 6 — we can kinda see why, as it doesn’t fit the format, but oh yes, Chippington loves comics.


  1. I’m a horrible hateful person and I even hate annoyingly negative message board posters, be it comics, wrestling, TV or whatever.