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We’re actually down in Baltimore for the Diamond Retailer summit. We arrived yesterday as the Comic-Con was wrapping up and heard that Saturday was boffo, and even Sunday was bustling in a new, larger floor space. We got plenty of news and views in a short while, and we’ll have more of a news roundup later. Also: Jeff Newelt’s Flickr set

In the meanwhile, CBR talks of Dan Didio’s “oceans of guff”:

A fan asked Didio if the “oceans of guff” he’s gotten recently has affected him. Not at all, he said. “We’ve had a game plan for a while,” he said. “I feel very confident in where it’s going. I have a lot of faith in ‘Countdown’ and where it’s going. Everything we do is part of a learning process.” Didio explained that the “showrunner” writing method used for “Countdown” was in response to the difficulty “52” writers were having.

[email protected] has the rest of the Baltimore news, of which the most interesting is that Sergio Aragones (and Mark Evanier) will be writing THE SPIRIT, following Darwyn Cooke’s departure.

Marvel news was much more random — No Ultimate Misty Night or Spider-Ham. More is expected at today’s retailer summit.


  1. I still have overall good feelings about Dan Didio because:

    1. Booster Gold didn’t die, but was instead made awesome again

    2. Beast Wars was great

    3. Besides Countdown and wall punches I’ve liked DC’s overall direction

  2. I know that they were teasing some kind of announcement Monday involving DC and Kurt Busiek during saturday’s dc panel.

  3. ^No he was suppose to meet with DC editorial on Monday to discuss his secret project. Somehow that got translated into the project being revealed on Monday.

    And Didio wasn’t responsible for Beast Wars, he was responsible for Reboot Season 3, which killed the franchise and also the awful Beast Machines sequel.