Last night I made the epic journey* to Jersey City to host a talk with G. Willow Wilson at the Word bookstore. This shop opened a few months ago and has a healthy interest in graphic novels. The event was the biggest they’ve yet held, I was told, with 80 people or so, a full house. I talked to Wilson for about an hour—it was a pleasure to ask questions of such a smart and dedicated creator. She talked about the genesis of the new Ms, Marvel and her writing career, and apropos of the previous item, mentioned that she turns off the internet of 3.5 hours a day and is “amazed at how much more I get done.” She also mentioned that they have story lines for a few years of the book mapped out.

Also her next novel will be set 500 years in the past, although there will be a familiar character from Alif the Unseen, her first novel. “IThe working title is ‘Game of Boats,'” she laughed.

The audience was very young and way into Ms. Marvel, it seems, as she is a local kid. Some students from the local high school were there—with their teacher—and they were excited to hear that Kamala Khan is a student at a fictionalized version of their school. I had a brief chat with the teacher, who is hoping to use more comics as part of Common Core.

Anyway, I just wanted to mention this, as it was a nice event with a young, diverse and enthusiastic crowd. It was the kind of scene I don’t get to experience too much of, and I’m glad to participate.

The above photo is from FJB Comics, the local shop, also of Jersey City. I chatted with the owner, Floyd, who said his customers love things like Fables and Saga.

*Not really, PATH is simple.


  1. This is just me being an ass, really, but Alif is not Wilson first novel. Her first novel was The Butterfly Mosque.

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