Yet another travel day! After a few days in LA, old man bars of Burbank, real pico de gallo, insanely fresh sushi at hole in the wall strip malls, agency assholes yapping on their headsets while they cut you off, late night conversations where everyone shares the unique and painful way in which they were ungainly adolescents, hairless Mexican dogs, and the rest, I just want a decent bagel.

Normal posting resumes in 2011.

PS: I don’t know who drew the above cover but it is genuinely creepy! Maybe by the time my plane lands someone will have ID’d it. Looks a bit Johnny Craig-esque to me.


  1. I’ve no idea about what’s going on in there, but that is one of the creepiest comic covers I’ve ever seen

  2. And I’m 100% sure that I have nothing but scorn for a cranberry and orange “bagel.” There oughtta be a law.

    Meanwhile–that cover? Fabulous.

  3. Well, H&H sells blueberry and cinnamon/raisin bagels, so cranberry/orange doesn’t seem too Tereifa. I prefer a nice pumpernickel mit schmeer, at which some purists would scoff.

    New York bagels are like San Francisco sourdough… there’s something in the air or water which makes it a regional delicacy.

  4. H&H is an abomination.

    I was a big fan of Columbia Bagels before they closed; now I rely on Absolute Bagels. Made with malt and boiled, like they oughtta be.

    Neither of them sell anything more outre than an everything bagel. Although I’m an egg man, myself…

    So to speak.

  5. That cover reminds me of the finale of Borzage’s “The Mortal Storm”. Especially the couple in the foreground, holding each other and looking back. Great stuff.