1. Little known nerdfact: This is a comic based on a British TV show — DANGER MAN, which made its star Patrick McGoohan famous enough he could write his own ticket in terms of making a sequel to that series — which was the epic PRISONER.

  2. And Danger Man was shown on TV with a different title in the U.S.—Secret Agent Man, which was not only exceedingly cool but had what is possibly the finest theme song ever (Best instrumental, IMO, goes to Hawaii 5-0).

  3. And when McGoohan left for The Prisoner, Danger Man was replaced by the also cool (if fairly unknown on this side of Atlantic) Man in a Suitcase.

  4. ‘Man in a Suitcase’ was another in a line of Lew Grade’s ITC shows that featured an American lead actor (including McGoohan himself, who was born in New York and adopted a generic American accent for the first Danger Man season) in an attempt to sell his shows to American broadcasters.