Marvel NOW! is now Marvel MEOW, as they are unleashing ANIMAL Variant covers including AVENGERS #24.NOW by David Petersen, SAVAGE WOLVERINE #14.NOW by Chris Samnee and X-MEN #10.NOW by David Lopez. According to the PR EVERY All-New Marvel NOW! launch, either a #1 or a .NOW issue, will feature a Marvel Animal variant.

The Fox says “Yow!”



  1. Seriously? These are only the variant covers, not the content?

    Someone needs to get on their J-O-B and make the content *inside* the book match these excellent covers. Do that… and I wouldn’t be able to buy these books fast enough.

  2. In northern Ohio if you want a variant cover, you have to buy the number of copies it takes for the dealer to get that variant cover. Be it 1 in 10, or 1 in 25 or 1 in 250 copies. As such we don’t get too many variants, about as rare as adamadium claws around here.

    Although I do like the one with the bear on it.

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