Just the other day DC announced that it was canceling all orders for a variant cover for the extra big sized DETECTIVE #27 by Frank Miller. Since
Miller hasn’t been seen around too much lately this wasn’t too surprising, but since the book had already gone through FOC, it was a pain for retailers who had already ordered it:

In a new update on Detective Comics #27, DC Entertainment has announced that the Frank Miller Cover for this special issue has been reinstated as Cover B. (Chris Burnham cover shown here.)

This remains an open-to-buy cover under item code OCT138238; all previous orders have been restored. It is scheduled to arrive in stores on January 8.

Please Note: This will be a wraparound cover.

Feeling like detectives ourselves, we reached out to DC for any further explanation but they declined to comment.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

As mentioned, the above Miler-esque cover is by Chris Burnham.


  1. It also kinda bums me out that the promotional image DC’s using for this comic (the Burnham cover) is a 1/25 variant – which is clearly amazing. I’m sure that Capullo and Miller’s covers will be great as well, but man, it’d be great if the thing they’re using to sell the book was available to more people.

  2. I dig Burnham, but I’ll likely be picking up the Miller cover. Just don’t see new Miller artwork much these days.

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