Yesterday in writing about the glut of comics/media events, I wrote “There are too many comic cons.”

But I was wrong, or at least not entirely right. There is always room for one more, especially in an under-served area like Pocatello, Idaho. Thus the excitement over the Snake River Comic Con, which is coming next September.

An article in the Idaho State Journal makes this clear.

“Boise has like five conventions and Eastern Idaho doesn’t have any,” said Tanglwyst de Holloway, one of the owners of Snake River Comic Con. “It’s not like there are fewer geeks in Southeast Idaho, we’re everywhere.” So from Sept. 29 through Oct. 1, Snake River Comic Con will be taking over the Red Lion Hotel, the Clarion Inn and the Mountain View Event Center.

The area has been pining for a con for years. Decades, even.

Nobody in Pocatello in this generation has been to a convention in this area, de Holloway said. “The last time there was a fan-sponsored convention was a science fiction event in the ‘80s,” she added.

Only a few guests have been named – among them author Cat Rambo – but we’re 9 months out. 

The enthusiasm in this article is so charming. The Red Lion has a pool, it is noted, and there will be mermaids. There will also be “Star Wars costume groups, medieval costume groups and podcasting groups doing podcasts and panels on what podcasting is and how to do it,” according to de Holloway. Also a rave, nerf gun wars, and panels for people handling depression.

Pocatello will be rocking. 

I was wondering if the publicity over the bad cons will begin to affect people’s willingness to go to cons in general. But I don’t think that’s really going to be a factor. All the hoopla ver SDCC and NYCC gives rise to people wanting to experience all that in their own back yard.

Also, would be con organizers take note: This is a first time show, and nine months out is not too soon to start publicizing the event and getting people excited about it. That’s how you put on a successful event.

So yes, despite the crowded schedules in more populated areas, there is always room for an event that’s put on by people who care about fans having a good time with all kinds of activities. Hopefully, that’s what Snake River Comic Con will turn out to be.