Despite increasingly cranky Bruce Campbell’s insistence that he doesn’t want to make EVIL DEAD 4, director Sam Raimi was all over SXSW saying that he’s up for it:

However, speaking to Sam Raimi at SXSW on the eve of the premiere of his new film, “Drag Me To Hell,” the director didn’t seem worried in the least and in fact laughed off Campbell’s remarks and insisted the actor would still be onboard whenever they can find time to revisit the beloved cult and campy horror classics.

“He can dream all he wants. He’s trying to get out of getting back in shape,” he smiled. “I’m going to kick his butt in shape. I’m gonna say ‘get back in the chainsaw!’”

Of course just WHEN this might happen with Raimi committed to making SPIDEY 4 for a few years yet is questionable…but if Sam believes, we believe.


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