The Festival d’Angoulême blog has this picture up, and we had to link to it.

§ Supervillain-styled rapper Doom is back, and we will doubtless find much to amuse us on his new album, dropping today

With a career modeled on the Marvel comics arch-villain Doctor Doom, the metal mask-wearing fortysomething remains characteristically cryptic about future live dates. “I tell you one thing: when you come to a Doom show, come expecting to hear music, don’t come expecting to see. You never know who you might see. It has nothing to do with a visual thing. Use your mind and think. I might be there. Next time I do a show, I might tell everybody to close they eyes. Use your own mind’s eye. That’s better than a camera phone, know what I’m sayin’?’ ”

§ Comics-loving director Guillermo del Toro is embedded in New Zealand for Hobbit filming, but luckily there are fine comics shops in New Zealand.


  1. Kia ora! Actually, Unity Books is an independent bookstore founded back in 1967.

    When I visited Wellington in 1994, there was a typical comicbook store near Unity where I discovered “Pickle” (from which “Hicksville” sprung), found early Neil Gaiman stories in 2000 AD, and expanded my appreciation for “Footrot Flats”.

    Wellington is a fantastic city. I’d be there still if the immigration requirements had not been so onerous. It is San Francisco geography with the usual capital city culture. While Australia gets all the press and glamour, New Zealand is much more compact, and has an incredible mixture of climates, flora and fauna, and cultures.

    And, while the nomenclature debate continues, the Maori word for “comic strip” is “waituhi whakakata” (humourous painting). The periodical is called “kōmeke”, which also means “to pummel”. (No relation between the two definitions, the first is a loan word from English.)

  2. And it’s true what the former MF Doom says: if you go to a show of his it won’t be him but rather some random dude that can’t even lip synch well to a medium-quality recording. There’s some interesting (read: ridiculous) accounts of his debacle at the club MJQ if you look around online.

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