kitty pryde
Top Five Most Iconic Kitty Pryde Covers via Comics Should Be Good!


  1. awesome

    Q. why don’t comics advertise on the covers anymore? Probably/obviously because they aren’t on newsstands, but still — I could have won a Toys R Us Shopping Spree!

  2. Brad, at first I took that to mean why don’t comics advertise the issue’s content with their covers, which when you think about it, also applies to this example!

    I miss the days when a comic’s cover was more than a picture of the character looking cool; when the cover beckoned passers-by with suggestions of what sorts of scenarios and adventures were contained within.

  3. I agree with darrylayo.

    Me? I miss seeing (gasp) word balloons and a situation on the cover that was, (or was not) a representation of what might be inside.

    Okay, so the covers usually fibbed a lot, or exaggerated like a tabloid, or promised more than what they delivered, but at least you thought they were at you, the reader.