By Lee Garbett. Sensible shoes, adequate skin coverage, a little style…very nice!


  1. Pro: more or less flat heels. And the Hitch-esque purple side panels are raahhlleehh slimminng.

    Con: She’s wearing a 1990’s garter belt and a utility belt that will fall off if she ever puts her knees together.

    I mean, seriously. Superboy used to wear them. That’s EXACTLY how cool they are.


  2. Yeah… that belt is gonna move around when she moves around…

    Also, I hope there’s some heavy armor under that glow-in-the-dark bat-logo… makes a nice target. Same goes for the belt and pockets… not much stealth there.

    Do the Bat-characters use the utility belts much nowadays? How much stuff does she need?

    Overall, I like the costume. The first issue was enjoyable, and I’ll buy the next.

  3. I also like the belt, it adds appeal to the hips without revealing anything.
    That said, I’d like to see something more “bat wing” like done to the cape.

    It doesn’t appear big enough to be of any practical use — as when Batman uses his for semi-gliding. Most female characters with capes tend to use them as fashion not function (Powergirl, et.) It would be nice to see a change in that, but I guess the female form would be covered in too many shots with a larger more brooding serious cape, like Batman’s who at times will drape at his feet like a melted candle in silhouette form.

  4. I’d really like to know what things are kept in Steph’s thigh utility belt pouches that require them to be separate from the main utility belt.

    Or is Batgirl just a really big fan of ’90s Jim Lee and Rob Liefeld?

  5. Speaking as someone who used to pack a leg holster, the leg pockets allow things to be accessible when seated or crouched. Needs a strap connected to the belt though.