Forget about THE LOSERS or IRON MAN 2 or SCOTT PILGRIM or any other 2010 comics movie, TAMARA DREWE is the comic book movie event of the year — at least for indie comics snobs. Based on Posy Simmonds’ much-admired graphic novel, the film debuts in the US on October 8th, courtesy of Sony Classics in the US. (It opens in September 10th in Simmonds’ native UK.)

Based loosely on Hardy’s Far From the Madding Crowd, the film stars former Bond girl Gemma Arterton and was directed by Stephen Fears.


  1. Apparently, the way they’ve chosen to say “based on a graphic novel” is to stick in onscreen captions that are ineptly lettered (non-serif I’s except for specific exceptions, nitwits!) and in a font not remotely like anything in the actual graphic novel.

    Hopefully it’s just in the trailer.

    I look forward to the day, though, that filmmakers decide to adapt novels by making sure there’s typeset text in all the backgrounds, and adapt plays by sticking footlights in all the scenes, just to provide a crappy reminder of the original medium.


  2. Loved the graphic novel, and the trailer’s nice enough, but the tone doesn’t quite seem right. The trailer’s quirky and somewhat charming, but what I remember of the graphic novel is a somewhat darker affair. Maybe a bit charming in the beginning, but increasingly desperate as time goes on, culminating in some rather dire events near the end.

    Trailers are trailers, though. Sometimes they lie.

  3. Hmmm…the trailer doesn’t seem like anything special or unique. The movie appears to be just another lightweight British sex comedy, and director Stephen Frears can probably do those in his sleep.

  4. I saw the screening and from what I remember of Posy Simmonds’ wonderful book (I can’t seem to find my copy) it follows the book very closely. Its well done and very funny in the British manner.

    The casting is terrific and really brings the books characters to life. Gemma Arterton is hot! Roger Allam is the slimey husband! Bill Camp is the stuffy but kind american academic and jessica Barden is Jody the teenage groupie and she steals the movie.

  5. If Julie Christie couldn’t draw me into this story then I doubt I’ll like this version. That trailer is wince inducing.

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