The Obi-Wan Kenobi streaming show has a working title: Pilgrim. The planned series for Disney+ has been troubled recently, with an assembled crew reportedly being sent home in January. Kathleen Kennedy was not satisfied with the scripts, and Collider reported that calls were even sent out for entirely new scripts. The Hollywood Reporter reported that only two out of six scripts were written, and that Disney/Lucasfilm was considering cutting the episode order to four.

Obi-Wan Kenobi is incredulous

Again, this was all in January, in the aftermath of The Rise of SkywalkerProduction Weekly reported the new working title. Additionally, stalwart star Ewan McGregor told Good Morning America pre-production would start in the summer, with filming beginning early next year. There seems to be a concerted effort to get this series “right,” especially in the face of critical and fan disappointment in the recent Star Wars films. While The Mandalorian‘s first season was beloved, it was also first discussed between series creator Jon Favreau and Kennedy nearly three years ago in 2017, before being announced in 2018.

The Mandalorian also only came about after years of internal work at Lucasfilm to make a live-action Star Wars TV show before the Disney acquisition. Maybe time is needed to make anything Star Wars well. The last three movies of the Skywalker Saga felt rushed. Solo: A Star Wars Story struggled not only at the box office, but also to capture the imagination of fans and critics alike. Pilgrim series director and The Mandalorian alum Deborah Chow, Kennedy, and McGregor surely want Obi-Wan Kenobi to remain a beloved character.

But for now, all we have is a working title and some big names attached. Pilgrim could just be a placeholder, or it could have a double meaning. Will we see Obi-Wan journeying across the stars before settling down on Tatooine? Or could this be the beginning of his identity as noted vagrant “Old Ben Kenobi”? We’re fifteen years past McGregor’s last physical appearance as Obi-Wan, not that McGregor seems to have aged one bit. Pilgrim currently has no set release date, so fans will just have to patiently speculate…for now.